Krochet Kids Duffels & Hats


I have found it impossible to find a classic handbag that’s appropriate for work, big enough to tote around a laptop, and … vegan.  Stella McCartney makes some, but they are insanely pricey, and a little too edgy.  I am still searching for that dream bag, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a great looking vegan duffel from Krochet Kids.  The Pike bag is back in stock, available in four different colors, and, true to the Krochet Kids model, made by a woman who is working her way out of poverty.




(While you’re on the site, you might also want to check out these darling kids hats… I just can’t help myself!)





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Baby Teresa Rompers

Having a roly poly little girl with a big round belly, I am always on the hunt for rompers so that she doesn’t have to wear pants with tight elastic waists that just cannot be comfortable. Finally, finally, I discovered Baby Teresa, which happens to donate one silky soft cotton baby romper with every one that you purchase, reaching an impressive number of countries with their gifts. Meeting a market need with a conscience, double points from me!

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This post is a little bit in honor of Madeleine saying what I think was her first word a couple days ago – “Duck!” I thought it would be Dad or doggy or Blue, but now every time she sees her three little bath mates, she smiles, points and, looking at me with big eyes for approval, says “Dut, dut, dut!” The good little sister of a fowl-loving irish retriever, I suppose.

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Roberta Roller Rabbit for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Throughout the month of October, 20% of proceeds from Roberta Roller Rabbit’s Pink Ribbon Collection go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Only 10 days left… get ’em while they’re hot (pink)!

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Flash Sale: Lily and Laura Bracelets at Bellevue Beauty Walk

These slender and pretty bracelets lighten up everything from a white t-shirt and jeans to a dark work suit. They pair well with gold or enamel bangles and they are a rare combination of delicate and baby proof. Handmade by women artists in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, and only $6 each today at my sister-in-law’s adorable Newport shop. Call her to put together a great group and pop them in the mail to you… 401-845-0800.

Photo credits: The Teacher Diva and Lily and Laura.

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It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

In fact, it’s 5:51 here. If you live in New York City I highly recommend making your way over to Maya Modern Mexican Kitchen & Tequileria on First Avenue for a cocktail or mocktail. $1 from every “Pink Ribbon Agua Fresca” ordered in October will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Just think of how much good you can do.

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Calypso St. Barth vs Breast Cancer

calypso bracelet green

I used to dislike pink, but now that we’ve got a roly-poly baby girl, I am a real convert to certain shades. These bohemian wrap bracelets by Chan Luu for Calypso St. Barth are a stylish way to support breast cancer research (and wear a Chan Luu wrap bracelet for less than a whopping $200…)
calypso bracelet

If these don’t suit your fancy, fear not. Calypso has a handful of options to support the Think Pink, Live Green Initiative of and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

On a personal note, yesterday was my first day in our New York City office after a year of pregnancy, maternity leave, working from Rhode Island for a few months, and moving to CT. And it was a real good one. Besides the fact that it was fall in New York (cue You’ve Got Mail quotes), and I got to walk past my little brother’s office on the way from Grand Central to mine, everywhere I turned there were fresh ideas for this blog. When I sat down to type a few up, I realized that my last post was exactly one year ago today. High time to return to something that helps me to learn about smart businesses and philanthropic efforts and inspires me to think creatively at work. Hopefully it gives some good ideas to a few of you too. As they say on the front page of the yummy fall Calypso site, joie de vivre.

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Tie One On

There are seemingly endless great gifts that give during Breast Cancer Awareness month. I usually have an aversion to pink, but it can be done in little ways, like with Mane Message’s silky tie-dye breast cancer awareness hair ties. 20% of each package sold goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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