Clink, Clink!


Weeee! Thanksgiving is upon us! If you are headed through the tri-state area on your way home for Turkey Day or the December holidays, stop in Darien, CT and pick up some wine where 10% of your purchase price will go to Turning Wine Into Water, a nonprofit that builds sanitary water treatment facilities around the world.


If you aren’t doing the 95 shuffle this holiday season, you can still order some bottles or cases here, or contribute in other ways by ordering wine of the month club ($50 will go to Turning Wine Into Water) or having a party in your home to raise funds for their mission.

month party month2

We’re headed to Rhode Island tonight, and then on to New Jersey for the weekend. Looking up directions to the shop in Darien as we speak. Safe travels, and enjoy your holidays with your loved ones and, maybe, just a wee bit of wine?!?


About Meg Davis Hely

I'm a New Jersey native who finds herself living in New England with a soft spot for presents, pretty things, and businesses that do good.
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