A Green Apple

Cooool! My friend Ashley just let me know about Belgrave Trust, a social-enterprise started by two friends to provide a portfolio of products that help you offset the carbon in your life.

I’m still learning about carbon neutrality, and trying to understand how all of the products work (read more about it here and here), but one that I can grasp is a $10 carbon credit sticker that you can purchase to offset the carbon used to produce and use a new Mac or ipad (0.69 tons of CO2e, obviously). The money goes to fund Belgrave’s portfolio of carbon offset projects, including a massive but energy-efficient zinc plant in India.

They say delivery by 12/24 is still available for most products. Pop one on the laptops and ipads under your tree, and bask in your own greenness!

In other news, Blue and I breezed home to NJ this morning, and all the while I thought about some updates on old posts. Here are a couple…
(1) I visited Kate Spade on Newbury Street the other evening, and these are even prettier than I expected in person! Plus, the people who work there are just the nicest.
(2) Jax and Bones, of the puppy toys that give, is featured on One King’s Lane, with a killer sale on chic pup beds!

Now, after some more work for a client, we have the stateside celebration of one of my oldest friend’s recent marriages tonight with some of Trader Joe’s finest and some good bubbly. Cheers to them and to your Christmas week!

(And it all comes full circle… note that the groom could use a good Belgrave Trust sticker!)

About Meg Davis Hely

I'm a New Jersey native who finds herself living in New England with a soft spot for presents, pretty things, and businesses that do good.
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