Jonathan Adler + Starbucks = Yum

I’ve been waiting for a Jonathan Adler gift that gives, and here it is! It looks like Bono’s powerful (RED) organization has partnered with Starbucks to sell a limited-edition ceramic to-go cup designed by potter-turned entrepreneur-turned designer Adler, to again benefit The Global Fund.



The sale of each cup contributes $1, and would make for a big gift when wrapped up with a (STARBUCKS)RED Jonathan Adler Card, which donates 5c to the Global Fund every time it is used at Starbucks. (Looks like the cups are sold out at the Starbucks website, but are still available elsewhere.)

I’m off down Tremont Street to scout my neighborhood Starbucks for this stuff on my way to work. And for you, a few cheerful Jonathan Adler images for Monday morning…

A funky office…

Zigzag heaven…

And a serene beach retreat.


About Meg Davis Hely

I'm a New Jersey native who finds herself living in New England with a soft spot for presents, pretty things, and businesses that do good.
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2 Responses to Jonathan Adler + Starbucks = Yum

  1. Ashley says:

    Your last two posts have been seriously Randy-centered. Totally going to get Papa Bear some Penfolds and a new JA Starbucks cup (he goes there everyday at 3 to hang out with the old men and watch the hot young ladies walk by) for Valentine’s day. You are a genius!

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