Royal Fever Strikes Again

I have to admit, when I first noticed “Keep Calm and Carry On” and plays on that phrase on posters and books and coasters and just about everything in design blogs and some of my favorite shops, I thought them all a teeny bit too cheeky.

But then my creative little cousin Margot gave me the recycled paper journal above by the Peter Pauper Press, along with some adorable recycled newspaper pencils for Christmas, and how ignorant I felt when my mom told us that the “Keep Calm…” phrase was developed along with others in England to keep spirits up during World War II.


other1 red other2

Not to be a broken record, but man, does that Britain have good PR! I wonder, is it a coincidence that (a) “Keep Calm and Carry On” started a major resurgence a couple years ago, (b) Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their royal engagement in the Fall, AND (c) the hero of the most Oscar-worthy film on the silver screen in the States at the moment is England’s King George IV, whose crown appears on the original “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster?

king and queen

real king

king and eleanor
(Check out Eleanor Roosevelt in this shot! King George VI, who juicily inherited the crown when his older brother of Edward VIII abdicated the thrown to marry an American divorcee, was the first member of the British Monarchy to visit the States.)

For you history buffs, there’s more fun detail below. For you clever present givers, think about the little recycled journal and pencils (I use mine every day to keep track of ideas for this blog and they fit great in any work bag or purse) or one of the products below (“giving back” potential tbd, I’m trying to figure out whether the British government retains the rights) for an Anglophile friend, or your own igloos, I mean, homes…

doormat pillows



I’m snuggled up at home with Blue today since my office is closed, but I’m very tempted to snowshoe across the Boston Common tonight to bask in some royal fever!

Photos and history from:,,,,


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I'm a New Jersey native who finds herself living in New England with a soft spot for presents, pretty things, and businesses that do good.
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3 Responses to Royal Fever Strikes Again

  1. Jennifer Beaumont says:

    Love this Meg! The design is in the public domain so anyone can use it and build on it. Here is my favorite take on the poster (I have it hanging in my office): This version was done by the artist Matt Jones and part of the proceeds go to Creative Commons – a worthy cause to give to! You can read more about it here: (And here is an article from The New York Times Magazine where I first saw the Matt Jones poster:

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