Royal Fever Take III & Keep Calm Give-Away!

Thank goodness for a designer and new-mom friend who answered all of my lingering questions from Wednesday’s post AND provided a new gift that gives idea!

According to Jen and the good ol’ New York Times, the “Keep Calm and Carry On” design is in the public domain so anyone can use it and build on it. This “Get Excited” version was designed by Matt Jones and proceeds benefit Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation. Perfect for the creative or handy types in your life, no?

This is how it looks on Jen’s office wall. (You can see a better proportioned image here – Don’t you just love her clean white-framed prints and diploma?)

Now, drumroll… it’s time for the give-away! The operator of, who is mentioned in the Times article above, and who creates the products that I posted about on Wednesday, kindly offered to send me a free poster (I think the exact style is a surprise) which I will be sending on to one of you! Just leave a comment below and I’ll pick a winner at random and pop it in the mail!

And, for your Friday afternoon fun, some more juicy notes on the Royals of The King’s Speech via LuLu (my aunt Mary Lou)…

The story of King Edward abdicating the throne and sticking his poor brother “Bertie” with the kingship…

It was so incredibly painful for Bertie’s family as they had never had the years and years of training on being a king. He also had the fateful stammer.

First of all, a British king had never abdicated and certainly not for a woman. It was a huge deal at the time. While a lot of people thought it was terribly romantic, some believed that David (King Edward) was making a play pushed from the background by his lover Wallis Simpson to break the rule about marrying a divorcee AND if that worked insisting that she be referred to as HRH. Both ideas were considered preposterous at the time.

Of course the royal tradition carried the day. Bertie was expected to step in, and did, but it dramatically changed his family’s peaceful life. They were never the same again. Did you know that Bertie (George VI) died at age 56?

In the 1950’s Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Margaret (Bertie’s other daughter) fell in love with a wonderful man and war hero who was also divorced. They, too, were prevented from marrying. It broke the hearts of Margaret and her beloved. But, they also stepped up to their royal duty and “carried on.”

In our generation, this is why it was such a turmoil for Queen Elizabeth to accept Prince Charles and Diana’s divorce. With all the sacrifices people had made in her life, the pain and sorrow it had caused, it was a huge, huge step for her to concede to the divorce – and then allow Charles to marry Camilla (also divorced.)

As a post-script, David (formerly Edward the VIII) and Wallis Simpson did marry but were somewhat banished from royal life. Initially he was given a couple of token, lame low level royal positions. Eventually the royal family, even after officially providing him with a reasonable lifetime allowance, discovered he had secretly stashed away a lot of royal money before the event so he could keep his lifestyle and ambitious wife. They were finally ignored completely by the British royal family. They moved to a house (palace actually) in the Bois de Balogne in Paris. They both died, David, The Duke of Windsor in 1972 and Wallis 1986 with very little fanfare or attention. See more on their love story in the San Francisco Chronicle.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited for the weekend fun of a Royal film and making things (do peppermint brownies count?)!


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I'm a New Jersey native who finds herself living in New England with a soft spot for presents, pretty things, and businesses that do good.
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8 Responses to Royal Fever Take III & Keep Calm Give-Away!

  1. Ashley says:

    I once saw a poster that said, “Freak out and throw stuff” — which pretty much summarizes my outlook on life exactly. Hi Meg!

  2. Tiernan Ely says:


    Great blog!! So excited you are doing this. Anyhow, love the giveaway! I hope I win! hehe. Hope all is well!


  3. Who doesn’t need to keep calm! Love the blog, you’re bookmarked~

  4. Mary Lou Hely says:

    Thanks so much for adding my little “history lesson”, Meg. I know a lot of people these days think that Queen Elizabeth is quite stodgy. Many never understood the back story from yesterday. Queen Elizabeth is one of my great heroes.

  5. Reluctant WASP says:

    I’m probably more apt to Freak out and Throw Stuff, but for you, I will try to remember to Keep Calm and Carry On. hugs!

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