A Pottery Barn & FEED Projects Picnic

How ’bout a picnic lunch in the Presidio in San Francisco with this new bag of goodies from FEED Projects and Pottery Barn in tow?

Pic via the National Park Service.

I blame my daydreaming about SF on a gathering I went to last night of the Boston Area Sustainability Group, which was sponsored by a partnership between my (for profit) law firm and the (nonprofit) Presidio Graduate School Executive Program in Sustainable Management. The speaker of the night was Laurie Hammel who runs the Sustainable Business Network and also, as a side note, just happened to found Business for Social Responsibility, the organization that works with all 250 of these international companies to develop sustainable business strategies. Oh, hello business genius. Last night he provided a couple thought-provoking lines that went something like, “Do you know how many pounds of clothing the average American buys?”, “When someone puts a soda can in the trash, do you reach in and get it out?” and “But, no, we can’t get mad at ourselves when we eat grapes from Chile when we could be growing them in our own backyard.”

So I left the night feeling okay about slowly working to make my purchasing habits better (maybe I shouldn’t buy those Me Too shoes that I’ve been eye-ing, when there are more sustainable options..?) while remaining realistic and recognizing that it is a constant work in progress (or perhaps I should get those babies, because I’ll probably wear them for years, and the vegan ones made from recycled materials will set me back about a month’s salary – zoinks.)

So I think the lesson is, don’t give up everything, but do little things like ditch your office’s styrofoam cups for a cool reusable one, and on the first real warm day, grab a FEED Projects picnic bag at Pottery Barn, stop by a local farmer’s market, and head on out to your own version of the Presidio, all the while supporting the United Nations World Food Programme or UNICEF and your local community.

Image via Boston Discovery Guide.


About Meg Davis Hely

I'm a New Jersey native who finds herself living in New England with a soft spot for presents, pretty things, and businesses that do good.
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One Response to A Pottery Barn & FEED Projects Picnic

  1. Linda Wade says:

    I am looking franticly for the FEED LUNCH bag with the shown items. Can you please help me find this item to purchase ?

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