I spy… TOMS eyes!

This might be one of my happiest days blogging about gifts that give. The company on which I wrote my very first post, TOMS Shoes, has just announced a new sunglasses line for women and men, with three styles and lots of different colors.

Consistant with TOMS’ mission, and like Warby Parker, for every pair of glasses purchased, TOMS will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need.

Last Thursday night our apartment was robbed while we were sleeping. Along with my macbook, handbag and wallet, and a wallet and beautiful tie of John’s, my favorite sunglasses were stolen. I guess the silver lining is that I now have a real reason to pick up a pair of TOMS. I long loved my Raybans, but for less $$ and double the good… hello, new sunnies!

Thanks to my dad’s friend, Judge Lisa Chrystal, for passing on the news from her daughter Arielle!


About Meg Davis Hely

I'm a New Jersey native who finds herself living in New England with a soft spot for presents, pretty things, and businesses that do good.
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One Response to I spy… TOMS eyes!

  1. Mary Lou Hely says:

    Whoa!!! That’s really scary about the robbery. It’s probably best, though that you slept thru it all – in case the person had a weapon. Tough news, old gal.

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