Flat Out at TOMS

Weeee! It’s 48 degrees in Boston. I was practically in a t-shirt this morning on the river with Blue. It may be premature, but I can’t help but think about spring, and, naturally then, TOMS new line of ballet flats.

I just received my first pair of TOMS as a Christmas present from my sister and brother in law, and they really are all they are cracked up to be. I’m already thinking about the blue or burlap and black colorblock flats for April and beyond. They are a little sturdier and less low cut than I usually like for the office, but I love the diagonal strip of fabric. What do you think, could you wear them to work?


About Meg Davis Hely

I'm a New Jersey native who finds herself living in New England with a soft spot for presents, pretty things, and businesses that do good.
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2 Responses to Flat Out at TOMS

  1. Ashley says:

    Yup: totally just bought a pair. When Brian asks about that ding to the ol’ credit card, I am going to refer him to you. OK?

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