From Beads to Shag, Kate Spade and Women for Women Deliver Again

I’ve been looking for a product to inspire a good post, and here it is. Without fail, Kate Spade’s Women for Women International collection gets better each season. All made by women survivors of war, and all pretty hip.

As for playing hooky, it’s a beautiful Thursday in Boston so I would be tempted, but today we have a Holocaust survivor coming into our office to speak as part of national Holocaust Remembrance Day and as a kick off for our 18th Holocaust Remembrance Project. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. He’s got a powerful story, much like the women who have labored over the Kate Spade beauties above.


About Meg Davis Hely

I'm a New Jersey native who finds herself living in New England with a soft spot for presents, pretty things, and businesses that do good.
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