Baby Bedding?

Does anyone know of any baby bedding companies that are run by good people who give back to their communities? Preferably companies that make linens in a colorful block print or check or plaid? I always loved the bedding above by Rickshaw Design but they seem to be out of the crib set business.

And I haven’t found any similar John Robshaw or Roberta Roller Rabbit ones in production either.

Luckily, the crib style we like is traditional, common, and basic, so we were able to order an affordable one from Target (which is a very socially responsible company, by the way – yay!).

And I plan to get simple crib sheets that can get messy and be changed frequently. So we have a little budget for a pre-made crib set. But I’m not seeing much I like out there, so I’m thinking I may need to order some fabric and beg my mom to teach me to sew my own…?


About Meg Davis Hely

I'm a New Jersey native who finds herself living in New England with a soft spot for presents, pretty things, and businesses that do good.
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5 Responses to Baby Bedding?

  1. Mary Lou Hely says:

    Beg your Mom to teach you to sew!? Does she even have a sewing machine? Or, are we talking about old fashioned hand stitching? Too, too funny.
    Aunt Lou

  2. Sok says:

    Hah. My mom used to sew everything and we joke now that the machine is getting dusty, though she did teach me how to use it to make ribbon belts. There are all sorts of safety regulations on bumper string length, etc. Just check before you make one to avoid choking hazard! Fun, I know. Bellini in short hills will make one for you with just pique cotton and a custom fabric or ribbon. That’s where we got ours. What about Serena and Lily? Not sure about their good for the world acts though. RR Rabbit has adorable baby blankets but no crib bedding. Aden and Anais just started making crib sheets and they are as soft as the swaddles- amazing! And changing a crib sheet is a nightmare (you often have to lift most of the mattress up), I seriously used to spot clean sometimes! Some people put two on at once so they can remove one and have the other already underneath. We need a tete a tete in person!

  3. Sok says:

    ps- we have that rikshaw pattern in green and blue in an elephant, burp cloths, and blanket. so cute!

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