Ideas for gifts to give while giving back.

Site credits: The current background is a print by Smock, a New York letterpress company that prints sustainably on bamboo paper.

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  1. Saran Jones says:


    Wanted to share Shea Radiance (SR) for your blog. SR was started a few years ago by Funlayo (and husband Shola) Alabi when they began making natural skincare products using unrefined Shea Butter for their young children who had skin problems. Their older son had extremely dry skin prior to a successful kidney transplant and their youngest son had a severe case of baby eczema.

    The company now creates luxury spa products made with fairly traded Shea Butter from Nigeria and they are socially and economically committed to the source of their raw materials with 10% of profits going to support the women who produce the raw Shea Butter.

    Shea Radiance line of products include body creams, scrubs, balms, and soaps, come in such flavors as Rainforest Spice, Lavender Bliss, and Black Orchid and can currently be found in small retail outlets in the Maryland/ DC area where the company is based. Starting this fall, the line will be carried in over seventy Wholefoods stores in the Mid-Atlantic Region!

    I would love to send some photos over and share more about Shea Radiance.

    Please contact me at saran@shearadiance.com.

    • What a wonderful sounding product and philosophy! I can’t wait to post about this team! Thank you so much for thinking of my blog for this product. I have a feeling they’ll be on Oprah and out of my league in no time…


  2. Desiree says:

    I am currently working on a post about gifts that keep on giving and I would love to add your site to it! Thank you!

    • Desiree,

      Thanks so much! I adore your blog! I want to be wearing those outfits from JCrew’s Spring line on some warm island right now! I also want one of the firepits. My aunt has a cute little one at her home on the coast in Half Moon Bay, CA – such chic coastal living.

      Where are you based?

      Please let me know if I can send you anything helpful for your post on gifts that keep on giving. I still have to tag and catalogue my posts – hopefully before December so that it’s easier for holiday shopping!


      • Desiree says:

        I’m based in the sunshine state….Florida!! Thank you Meg for your response! I will be working on this post this week and have it ready for Thanksgiving day. I will keep in contact and see if I could use anything else from your site and will link it back to you. Thank you!!

  3. Abc Responsibility says:

    Check out our gifts that give back at ABC Home and Planet Foundation!

  4. Check out Project Isuga! We are working hard to make a difference in the lives of a group of orphans in South Africa whose parents have died from AIDS. We do this by selling hand made scarves. For every scarf sold, Project Isuga feeds one school child for one day in Africa.

  5. Hi Meg,
    Saw your comment on Cup of Jo! We’d love to be in touch to collaborate for a review on us for your blog!

    Thanks for reaching out and setting the standard!
    Hope to talk soon!
    xoxo, Kassandra from F:S

    Find us http://www.ShopFutureStandard.com
    Follow us @FutureStandard
    Friend us on Facebook.com/FutureStandard

    • Kassandra,

      Thanks for reaching out! That sounds great! Loving your website! Should I just email you through the site or give you a ring?


      • Kassandra,

        Just tried to leave you all a message on your website, but I kept getting a syntax error. Just wanted to let you know about the little post today and that I’d love to work on something more. Just let me know where to reach you via email.

        Happy Friday!

  6. FACE Africa says:


    We are a huge fan of your blog! We just launched SHOP FACE Africa, a marketplace of fashionable, eco-friendly products that help raise awareness and funds for our clean water and women empowerment programs in Liberia. We hope we are worth featuring on your site: http://www.faceafrica.org/shop/

  7. Kassandra says:

    Hi Again!
    Sorry you had trouble with the contact form.
    You can email Kassandra (at) Shopfuturestandard (dot) com or the gmail I listed. I won’t be in the office today to catch your call.
    Thanks for following up,can’t wait to chat!

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